Champa Spa

A professional and enjoyable experience

The best spa in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We offer great services, massage, body scrub, face massage, steam and sauna, body treatment.

At the time when I was deciding on the name of the shop, I was thinking about what “do massages and spa represent in Cambodia”. The first thing that came to my mind was the “Khmer masseurs” and what the Champa flower represent to each other. Traditionally, the Khmer people love having the Champa flower tied to their hair. During the evening, the flowers release a fragrant smell, which all girls love. Most of the masseur’s girls come far away from home to establish their skills here in my shop, others come from the PSE organization.

At Champa Spa, we continue to support them through furthering their education in such areas as hospitality, customer services, hygiene, communication skills, and life skills also. More important, every day they study therapeutic massage for release of tension, stress, and relaxation.

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