Takeo province, bordering Vietnam to the south, is blessed with natural beauty and many historical sites. Takeo is a most beautiful riverside promenade with a big tranquil lake facing the pleasant town park, this is one of the oldest historical sites in the Southern part of Cambodia; about 87km from Phnom Penh City. Takeo province covers an area of about 3,563 square kilometers and it is here that the ancient Kingdom of Funan was established during the 1st Century.  Funan in Chinese means ‘Wealth of the South’.

While heading towards Takeo, make a trip to Phnom Chisor to visit a well preserved 11th century temple from the Angkor-era.  The temple is built on the crest of the hill and surrounded by panoramic views of the countryside.  The climb up the 503 steps to the top may be vigorous, but the amazing view of the countryside from up there makes the climb well worth the while. This ancient temple is now an active one where Buddhists make pilgrimage to on religious occasions.  There are monks’ quarters and a school; the whole place is full of live. Fine carvings of Hindu deities can still be seen on the towers and at the libraries. Magnificent sandstone lintels sit above the doorways and unique carvings decorate the wooden doors of the main temple. 

Phnom Chisor Takeo Province
Phnom Chisor Takeo Province

Enjoy a boat trip down the river to visit the archaeological museum of Angkor Borei and then on to another temple site of Phnom Da.

Phnom Da in Takeo Province
Phnom Da in Takeo Province of Cambodia

The Tonle Bati, a favourite recreational spot for the locals during leisure, is a pleasant place to stop by for a typical Khmer meal. The nearby Tonle Bati Temple is a ‘largely intact’ Angkorian-style temple with a pretty garden.  Then there is Yeay Pov Temple, named after King Ta Phromh’s mother; another historical temple situated near the popular Tonle Bakti Lake.

The Neang Khmao Temple ruins are located at the Sam Roung District.  This was a sandstone and brick temple built during the 10th Century but most parts of Neang Khmao temple are no longer intact.

The Phnom Ta Mao wild life rescue centre occupies an area of 1200 hectares. This was set up to preserve rescued rare and endangered local wildlife.  Eighty hectares of the area serves as a zoo for people to visit. There are many wild animals here; many of which are endangered. The zoo is well maintained and has been a popular tourist attraction.