Rattanakiri is a province located in the Northeastern region of Cambodia covering an area of 10,782 km2 and is 588 km from the capital, Phnom Penh, accessible via National Roads No. 6A, 7 and 78. it’s cross two rivers, the Tonle Se San and Tonle Sre Pork also borders Vietnam and is connected through Ou Ya Dav international border checkpoint, which offers great potential for trade and investment.

People living in agricultural crops such as corn, cassava, soya bean, vegetables, cashew nut and especially rubber are currently attracting interest by both local and foreign investors.

The provincial capital of Rattanakiri is Ban Lung, and the province is subdivided into 1 municipality and 8 districts comprising 4 quarters, 46 communes and 243 villages.

The province is nestled on a highland plateau with cool weather that is not too hot nor too cold. It has fertile red soil that is favorable to the growing of cash crops. The province also has both cultural and natural resources, and indigenous peoples, offering a great opportunity for tourism development.

The ethnic minorities form about 75% of the total population, comprising 8 primary ethnic groups: Tampuon, Kreung, Cha Ray, Pnov, Pnong, Ka Vet, Ka Chak, and Lun. Most of the indigenous residents are subsistence farmers and rely on gathering forest products for their livelihoods.