Rattanak Kiri is that the mountainous northeastern frontier province of Kampuchea that borders Laos to the north, Vietnam to the east, Mondul Kiri Province to the south, and injured Treng Province to the west.  It extends from the mountains of the Annamite zero in the north, across a upland between the Tonle San and Tonle Srepok rivers. renowned for its beautiful natural beauty and ethnic diversity, Rattanak Kiri is stuffed with natural and cultural treasures simply waiting to be discovered. Its capital is Banlung town.

Rattanak Kiri boasts a number of the foremost hanging landscapes the region needs to supply and is home to many settlements of ethic hill tribes. Among the various picturesque natural sites are the crystal clear Yeak Laom volcanic lake, unimaginable contemporary waterfalls, gem mines, and a dense rainformest abundant with exotic flora and fauna. In distinction to modern-day luxury, this province remains for the most part untouched because the majority of the population in Rattanak Kiri is created of ethnos teams living harmoniously with nature.

Most guests to Rattanak Kiri like better to base themselves in Banlung town from wherever excursions may be organized to go to the Khmer Loeu villages associated an array of natural sites.

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