Soybeans is product in banteay Meancy are coming originally from East Asia. Soybean grains contain an oil substance and high protein; they can be processed into many products such as soymilk, soy sauce, tofu, soybean paste, etc.

soybean in cultivated field
Soybean in Cultivated Field

Production: Cultivation area is 3,500 ha, yields are around 7,000 tons per year
Market: CP animal feeds company and export to Thailand and Vietnam
Harvest season: September to December

Banteay Meanchey Green bean

Green bean is an additional crop that farmers cultivate after their main crop (rice) is harvested. Farmers Banteay Meanchey Province cultivates green beans especially in the Malai district.

Harvest of green fresh beans in banteay meanchey
Harvest of green fresh beans

Production: Cultivation area is 1,050 ha, yields are 1,260 tons per year
Market: Local market and Thailand and Vietnam
Harvest season: September to December

Banteay Meanchey Cassava

Banteay Meanchey’s cassava producers imported cassava’s species from Thailand to combine it with local cassava species in order to get higher output. The farmers cultivate cassava now on their farm land, mostly the districts of Thmor Pourk, Svay Chek and Malai.

Harvest or dig Root Cassava of floor in Farm
Harvest or dig Root Cassava of floor in Farm

Production Size: Cultivation area is 25,000 ha, yields are approximately 750,000 tons per year (30 tons per hectare)
Market: Export to Thailand
Harvest time: October to January